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Oh, hello. I guess you’re here because you want to hire a British Voiceover Artist as a narrator for your next project, right?Well, the good news is you found one, (that's my big face behind the text) - and I’m a damn good one, well, not Cumberbatch good, but I can hold my own and have had no complaints over the last 8 years I’ve been speaking to myself out loud - aaand I can also say Penguin correctly, so…I’d be happy to help with your British Voiceover narration requirements!(Oh, wait, let me get my flashcards so I don’t forget anything…)What kind of Voiceover are you looking for?Well, let me explain...See, I pretty much cover all genres of corporate narration - you know, like Explainer Videos, Corporate Brand videos, eLearning and the like.Sure, yes, I’ve got examples of my voice - they’re hereOf course, I’m more than happy to read a portion of your script if you want to hear what I sound like speaking out loud with your copy; sometimes that's the best way to hear how the project will sound.My rates? Yeah, I provide them here as I don’t see the point in hiding them away - you need to know what you’re looking at up-front, right? No hidden surprises here, my friend.Yup, I’ve got a professional recording booth in my studio down here on the South Coast. I know, it’s a lovely place to work - don’t tell anyone, but it’s my garage - good photo angles you see. I’ve also got some pretty sweet recording hardware.You could use the contact form, or perhaps drop me an email.
Also, somewhere on this page at the bottom is a WhatsApp chat option if you’re feeling like you want some live interaction.
Turnaround times? I’ll be honest, I’m pretty quick, normally same day - unless you want me to record War and Peace and then I’ll ask for a few days. Sleep is overrated. I will blow my own trumpet though and say I'm super fast.Does that explain everything?Retakes? Yeah, not everything can be done perfectly the first time and things do change after my recording - have a look here, it should cover all that.Can you listen in? Oh yes! I’d love that. Often that’s the best way to get what you want right the first time - I’ll be honest, there are some slight terms for the audio coming out of a live session but nothing too odd. Have a look here.There you go. Hope that was useful, so if you're after some British Voiceover narration, I'm your man!Have a think and I’ll be here when you want to proceed.Nice talking to you!Mark x
Mark Thomas - A damn good British Voiceover Artist



current rates

Session FeeMy basic session fee for corporate narration, and explainer videos is £250. This includes:*Voicing and editing the audio file*Studio hire*"Non-broadcast" usage on the client's website, social media channels, and for internal training*Retakes in case of errors - see my terms*The option to listen in via Skype, Zoom, Cleanfeed, or telephone.*Voiceover track supplied as a high-quality WAV file.Usage FeeAdditional usage fees may apply for paid advertising, broadcast, TV, film, and other high-profile projects. The specific fee will depend on the project, but you can get a ballpark figure by using the online rate calculator here.For online advertising and video on demand, knowing the approximate number of impressions will help me provide a more accurate quote. If you don't know the scale of the campaign, usage fees will be added on top, at 100% of the session fee per 3 months.For TV content, having an idea of the size of the campaign (like the number of TVRs) will allow me to use this link to give you a ballpark quote.eLearningFor E-learning narration, I offer three rates:Raw audio at £0.20 per word
Edited audio at £0.25 per word
Edited audio with file creation at £0.27 per word.
The minimum order amount is £150.
Rates for other projects are very much client and project-dependent,  though a good reference point is the Gravy for the Brain Rate Card.Please contact me for an exact quote.

Terms and Conditions

*One complete re-read of your script and two rounds of minor amends are free of charge within 30 days of delivery.*Any additional edits will be charged at my standard rate, starting at £50 for up to 200 words, and £50 per 200 words beyond that.*Complete re-reads within 30 days will be charged at 50% of the original quoted rate.*Re-reads after 30 days will be charged at 100% of the original quoted rate.*Any edits or retakes required due to mistakes on my part or technical issues with the recording are free of charge.*Audio from a client-directed session is deemed 'final' and charges will apply for edits regardless of time passed.*The invoice will be raised upon delivery of the final audio, and payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date or upon client sign-off of the audio - whichever occurs first.*Payment via PayPal needs prior agreement and will incur a 6% charge to cover their fees.Any questions? Let me know!



Here are some pictures of my studio (and me!). It's equipped with a Neumann TLM103 microphone, Audient ID14 Audio Interface, M1 MacBook Air and iMac - plus fast internet and backup audio hardware for resilience. Everything I need to bring you damn good British Voiceover services!

From murder and intrigue to paranormal activity, to how to fly your new drone. I've narrated a random selection of my current audiobooks available to buy.I hope one or more of these give you your next listen. Click the title to be taken to Audible.